Kurashi no Utsuwa HANADA(kudanshita, tokyo)

shizen(jinguumae, tokyo)

You're introducing many containers by a blog of shizen.
Please also check an article in the past by Keiko Ogawa's tag.

Mogusa garden(hino city)

BB-IZUMI(shimizu-ku, shizuoka city)

puento puenta(ito city, shizuoka)*check the appointment system on HP

mitsuki(sayama city, saitama)

Soba & Millet cuisine TOTO(Takao, Hachiohji)

You use a box of condiments, a small bowl and a mini-dish. (A container isn't being sold.)

Tellur工房 テルルコウボウ

After reserving purchase of the capacity at the atelier by mail beforehand.
please come. It's possible shipped off.
(It takes shipping charge and a transfer handling charge separately.)

*There are a day I'll decline and time,
so please accept it because I'm making them give priority to production.

*I don't receive the mail you rarely sent.
When there are no answers for many days, it's trouble,
but it's by the telephone or a fax. Another contact, please.

19-6-1F Shigeshiroshita Tama-ku Kawasaki, Kanagawa
JAPAN 214-0007


●5 min walk from
Keiko inadatutumi station.
●10 min walk from
JR Nanbu line "Inadatutumi" station.