Pia MOOK "Tour of the Tokyo franchise store"
Shizen store introduced to the "heat resistant oven pan" in the special feature "Crazy about the instrument".

"Ukata" autumn issue
Shisen store introduced to the "Ebuchi No. 5 ・ Oval oval pot ・ Maru oven pan" in the article - "Store where everyday equipment is found".

STORY Februrary Issue
〜Exhaustive all topics for 40s〜
#19 The vessel of writers of the oven cooking During heat oven bread round (brown) has been published.

Good dish zhou in Kochi
Kojima Kiwa work Nitto study
Heat-resistant oven bread With whole circle (yellow).
Four yen of long stay dish (white) was used.

ChicChic vol.7  Three honor study
"In a pot of a craft, A TATA or,".
Tajine (small size) carried use. (P.50)

Home pictorial February issue
-In whether you get the charm of the material and are flavor Yutaka -. "Of seafood, light, whether that isn't liked, gratin" by a special story. One in the heat-resistant oven bread carried use.

LEE December issue
"It's Mr. Henmi EMIRI".
Limb 8 sun dish lapislazuli was introduced.(P.19)

FRaU September issue
"Coup de foudre of Mr. pear flower Container collection". A lapislazuli two yen dish was introduced.

300 bottles of hospitality wine of 101 wine boys
(Japan Sommelier Association)

A heat-resistant pan was used.

By 2 pieces of material, easy horse! Make coal dish
Musashi Hiroko work Nagaoka bookstore
(A container is used for a* cover.)

Yuko Ogura's, it can be praised every day Rice.
Recipe book of Ms. star Yuko Ogura. It's being taken out of MOAS of container Hanada of living. A child bowl was introduced.(P.92)

AneCan February issue
Ms. Reiko Takagaki is in "Reiko JAPAN!" of serialization. 8 sun earthen pot for the blue picture flowers and birds was introduced.

Grazia July issue
An iron picture line tulip bowl was introduced.

Urban Metro life February issue
"House pot and Outside pot" special story

"I want such pretty pot!" 8 suns of blue picture flowers and birds sentence earthen pot was introduced to a space.(P.8)

The interior in season
It was introduced to
"the containers blessings are called".

The cookware good at living
Ray publishing company
"Roast meat plate stripes" but container Hanada of living: It was introduced as Mr. Hideo Matsui's using tool.